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Host a Hive Program

The host a beehive program by Honey Bee Abundance in Madsion, NC offers numerous benefits for residents in Rockingham County, NC, throughout the Carolinas and southern VA and surrounding towns and the environment. By participating in the program, residents can contribute to the health and growth of local bee populations while enjoying the benefits of fresh, local honey production. Beekeeping can also serve as a fun and educational activity for families, providing opportunities to learn about the importance of pollinators and sustainable agriculture practices. 

Additionally, the program can support local economies by providing an opportunity for small-scale honey production and sales. 

By hosting a beehive, residents can also improve the health and yield of their gardens and local plants through increased pollination. 

Overall, the host a beehive program is a win-win for both residents and the environment, offering a range of benefits that support sustainable and responsible agriculture practices while promoting the health and growth of local bee populations.

Hive Hosting Benefits Include:

  • Supporting local bee populations and promoting sustainable agriculture practices.
  • Enjoying the benefits of fresh, local honey production.
  • Providing an educational and fun activity for families.
  • Supporting local economies through small-scale honey production and sales.
  • Improving the health and yield of gardens and local plants through increased pollination.

Recommended Beekeeping Equipment

While we bring many of the supplies with us for you to use when tending to the bees we do highly recommend that you purchase your own beekeeping equipment in addition to keeping some of these recommended books on hand all about beekeeping. 

Please continue to check back as we are continually updating this list with more recommended products.

Ready to host a hive on your property?